Once you've realized and excepted the way the brain works you'll recognize the ongoing struggle between you and your subconscious.
You know you have to see it before you do it, right! So lets say your sitting in your living room thinking about your dream (or next) vacation. You're really feeling it. The fun, the sun, and everything else you can imagine before your subconscious kicks in and tells you "you're not there, you're here". Or like when the average person tells themselves that they're a millionaire and you get a deep unwelcoming feeling like a knot that travels between your throat and your heart. Those are the 2 classic things that will happen. One because your subconscious sees you in a daydream and will do anything to wake you up. And the second comes from the deep rooted moral code that were all instilled with. That lying is wrong. And when we lie to ourselves, we feel it. So basically seeing it before you do it is easy for a few seconds. Extremely hard for a few more. 
In light of that fact I had to come up with ways to get around that. Ways to shut down the subconscious "bully" that will terrorize every thought you have about your dream spouse, house, life, etc. 
I love getting things for free. So all I have to do is appreciate getting things for free and i'll get more things for free. 100% proven time and time again. But when you haven't gotten anything for free in a while it's hard to imagine without the subconscious kicking in and making you feel like a liar. So I analyzed the reality of the situation and came up with this a while ago… When I go to the grocery store and get a basket full of items I literally don't have to give any of myself to get the items. Sure I have to give the cashier some green pieces of paper but that's the whole reason I got them in the first place. To exchange them for goods. Sometimes they let me go when I swipe a plastic card on a box but either way I didn't have to give any of myself to get what I wanted. Therefore it's free!

That was a good one but I needed better. The subconscious would still kick in ruining things so I kept coming up with new techniques. Regardless of what you do, If your subconscious thinks your lying about the current situation (ie. picturing yourself in your dream car while your sitting in your living room) it will shut it down. So I needed truth. Almost 2 years of trial and error on many different techniques. One was my section of this website "you can't lie about the future". That was a great one because you can't. Who knows what's going to happen. It's all just speculation that could come true but it's not a lie. 
But I knew I could do better.

I'm currently awaiting a phone call from Oprah Winfrey. The phone call that would kick start the spreading of this defined/explained new way of viewing positivity. So in the spirit of seeing it before you do it, I meditated on it. I imagined the phone calls I would make after I hung up with Oprah. One of them was to my little brother, who's off playing college football, and his twin (my little sister) on 3 way. In this phone call I went into detail about what was said between me and Oprah. Oprah was flying me out for a meeting at noon tomorrow. She said that she loved my work and that we had a bright future working together. Normally my subconscious would have stepped in immediately and denied the meeting tomorrow ending my daydream but it didn't. Something I did stopped the interruption that occurs on every daydream. 60,000 thoughts a day per person (on average) and the subconscious wakes you up from all of them. Not this time. I was in my ultimate creative mind frame and I had accomplished something major. I told a "Future truth, now".

What is that? "Future truth."
There are obviously 2 worlds we straddle. The physical world that we see and touch, and the imagination world that we do all of our thinking and visualizing in. They're both very real. We've all had thoughts that damn near stopped our hearts. The imagination world is the prerequisite to the real world. If you envision yourself failing all day every day. Eventually you'll fail in the physical world. The same goes for winning and all other experiences. 

So when I saw Oprah in the imagination world saying those things to me why didn't the subconscious see that as a problem and bring me back to the present? Because I had done something different. That Oprah I had a conversation with about tomorrow's meeting, that's the "Future Oprah". I gave her a title in the imagination world. She's the same Oprah but different. Just like my little brother and sister are the same twins I know and love, but they're different. One set will always exist in the physical world, and one set will not. The physical Oprah that I'm going to see tomorrow, is impossible for me to see right now. It hasn't happened yet. So it doesn't exist. 
The Future Oprah that exist in my imagination and the Future Oprah that I would be meeting with tomorrow at noon are in fact the same. Right now neither one of them physically exist. 

The subconscious is right when shutting that dream down. Since it hasn't happened yet and isn't happening untill tomorrow at noon it doesn't exist. So the Oprah that I'm seeing in the imagination world is (currently) 100% more real than the one I would be seeing tomorrow. Because out of the two very real worlds that I know and create as I go… the Oprah I can "see" right now counts for more. And I call her "Future Oprah" because right now our 12:00 meeting is in the future. That phone call with my little sister and brother, is with my future sister and brother. Not my current ones. There asleep right now. And if you ask them or Oprah to put a name on the person they'll be tomorrow or a year from now they'll say "the future me". 

The techniques I've used to manifest meetings etc. in the past was to just visualize it. And when the subconscious kicked in to bring me back to reality (or the moment), I would just go back to visualizing repeatedly until it was my reality. This one actually keep the subconscious out. At first you'll have to keep reminding yourself that "Future Oprah", as a part of my imagination world, does exist. The subconscious is not use to this new behavior. But since it's true (over there, she does exist and we did have that conversation already) you'll win every time. And the subconscious will interrupt less frequently if at all. 

As for now, this is the best I have. I'll update you as I go. I love you for listening.

Fight the Subconscious