*Choose your words carefully 

-“One day at a time” is a handicap. One bad day makes you say “I’ll do better tomorrow”. Which leads to more “I’ll do better tomorrow”. F that.
Take life “One moment at a time”. This way if you find yourself failing at being positive, you can bounce right back and redeem yourself one moment later. Not the next day. Cause face it.. It’s easy, even for me, for a whole day to go by and we forget to be the watchman at the gate. We forget to stop those negative scenarios that are being ran on autopilot while we're sitting in traffic or during a commercial break, etc.

-Oh how upsetting it is to find out that you've been the cause of it for all these years. Feeding it with your energy, your attention, your thoughts. Who knew that your stress was the fuel that kept the fire burning, who knew that stress was interested in self-preservation. And you fed it everyday. Some days it's all you could think about. This is so upsetting that most people will deny it, some will take offense. We all know that negativity breeds negative outcomes. We've all seen it happened right before our eyes time and time again. It's only right that positive breeds positive. You were the cause. Accept it and move on. Make an oath to better yourself by being the Watchman at the gate and not just letting any thoughts pass through. Only the good ones. End a negative scenario on the spot. No one knows what tomorrow will bring. It's good to be prepared but don't dwell on it.

GREED AND IMPATIENCE I REFUSE TO WRITE FOR YOU. I WRITE MY BEST WHEN IM WRITING FOR ME. SO WHY WOULD I WRITE FOR ANYTHING ELSE. Sorry I had to get that off my chest. I fell of December 2014 and January 2015. IM BACK BABY!!! 2-3-15

*The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do. - Steve Jobs-
-Tell me your predominate thoughts today and I'll be able to tell you what your near future holds. Events to make you think those same exact thought again. Mark 11:24, Thoughts become things, 3rd Law of Motion

*ALL of your worries will come true, if you let them remain worries!

*When a basketball team loses they all point fingers, in their minds, at each other. when they win they want to take credit. at some point in your life you have to stop pointing the finger outward and look within. trust me, it's enlightening. Especially if you notice a pattern of everyone around you trippin. maybe your actions are the reason there trippin. don't be defensive. just try it. in ever room you walk in and in every situation think to yourself "what can I do to make this better". It's life changing. trust me!

*-When you say "I hate my ______", your basically ordering from the catalog of the universe whatever situation necessary to make you say again "I hate my ______". Watch what your putting out there. If not for anyone else's sake, do it for your own. -And remember there's no "wanting" involved if it's already in your hands. Mark 11:24 See it as though you already have it, and it'll be yours. 

*-In order for you to exist God is giving you his attention. The attention God gives you is like money. Spend it on what you want, but whatever you choose to spend it on will come at you like you ordered it off of eBay.  

-Bowing to your knees and praying is good and all but phrases like "please help me" and "why haven't I" only produces more nights of bowing down and saying/praying "please help me" and "why haven't I". Choose your words carefully!

-Remember, missed opportunities literally don't even exist to you. God could have given you 1,000 opportunities today that you missed and because you missed them all, you'll never even know they existed. So like I said, they literally don't exist to you. They are ALL nothing, until you decide to open your eyes, identify them, and act.

-Speaking with someone today i was told that after the bills were all caught up and the creditors stop calling they'll get their shit together mentally. As i shook my head in complete disappointment i thought to myself, we've all seen these shows with millionaires that are miserable. if your train of thought is fucked up you'll just find something else to stress about after the bills are paid (people hate hearing that but it's true. think about it). Why don't you try changing your thought process then watch the world shift around you to what your focusing on the most. if it doesnt work, o well, you spent a few seconds every day being positive, boo who! smh. but i guarantee it will.
-Remember, your paycheck might say your boss's name on it, but it came from God.

-Regardless of whether you're thinking about having debt, or not having debt, your focus is on debt and thats what will grow in your life.

-If you believe in Gods plan, then all the choices you make are already included in that plan. There is no deviating. If you decide to turn left and take the long way home then that was in the plan. If you dont believe in the plan then fine, thats cool. but dont claim that you do then talk about choices. Like, I always say, you know what choices you would make when you 1st wrote this story.

-The universe is always working with you, never against you. It's up to you to determine what it's working on. i.e. "I'm gonna (insert your hopes)." In order for the universe to get you to mirror (3rd law of motion) the thought "I'm gonna (insert your hopes)." it has to keep that wish from you, right? The universe is always working with you, for you. So watch what your focusing on. Chose your thoughts and how you word them wisely. 
-"Excuses are tools of the incompetent. Which building monuments of nothingness. And those who specialize in their uses, are seldom capable of anything else. Sir!" Something I had to learn in the police academy. So true it will stick with me forever.

-I called it! Obama! But it really didn't matter to me. Whoever won the election was who needed to be in office when I do my thing. So either way, it's "LETS GO!!"

-My diet requires that you believe that whatever it is you are doing, it's working! Thats it in a nutshell. If your eating fatty, your loosing weight, if your not working out, your loosing weight. Whatever it is your doing. ITS WORKING! And you are already perfection.

-The universe is always working with you, never against you. It's up to you to determine what its working on. i.e. "I'm gonna (insert your hopes)." in order for the universe to get you to mirror (3rd law of motion) the thought "I'm gonna (insert your hopes)." it has to keep that wish from you, right. The universe is always working with you, for you. So watch what your focusing on. Chose your thoughts and how you word them wisely.

-Asking the universe/God for a dollar will produce faster results than asking for a million dollars. Patients is key. Anything you ask for, you will have to do a degree of waiting to receive it. When you order food, you have to wait for it to get prepared and brought to you. When you want a bite of that food, you have to at least wait for your hand to bring it to your mouth. Anything you want in life, 
 there's going to be a certain degree of waiting/patients necessary to get it (in addition to the lessons that need to be learned). Keep that in consideration, cause right when you begin to give up hope that the thing you desire isn't coming, that's when your the closest to it that you've ever been. That's when you need to stay in there, stand up and be strong. Keep your vision in your sights. So many people every day, including you and me, plant seeds, water them with thoughts then give up on them when they don't come in a certain amount of time. Think about it. I'm positive that everyone reading this can tell a story about a vision they had that only made it as far as being a vision. You have to KNOW beyond knowing that these things/events are in your future. And have to be willing to fight to the death for them. And when I say fight, I mean the mental fight/struggle. When the world around you is proving to you that you cannot have your dream come true. Or when the overwhelming amount of circumstances on your plate don't give you enough time in the day to meditate on your dreams (watering the planted seed). Or even your subconscious saying to you repeatedly "you don't have that, you can't have that". No matter what, you have to be willing to focus until you die. Not for a week, or even a few months. Till death! That kind of drive strengthens the signal sent out 10 fold and literally makes what your manifesting appear faster, and more accurately.
-Don’t blame the devil or demons for you problems or messed up decision making. Only God can judge? Well you judge yourself every day. Everybody want's to take credit when their team is winning. But when the tables turn, so do the fingers. They start pointing outward.

-Personally, I like believing that there's no evil (entity), there's only God and what I create. Cause then it's like "why would I create evil? I'm only going to create good from now on". I guess thats why life has been so good since I made that choice.

-I've gotten a lot of feedback from this page, and it seem like the elders, who have voiced their opinion, mostly had the same (negative) reaction to it. I'll address them all like this:
    I know most older people are stuck in their ways/beliefs, etc. Most hate being taught by someone younger, and there not going to be very receptive to this kind of talk. But regardless of what you say or think, I just made God look more untouchable, unbeatable, and perfect than you've ever thought in your whole life. Before this page was created, in your minds, there was a struggle between good and evil that God might one day lose. Now using a bit of common since, I've actually proven to myself and others that that's just not the case. If something like good or evil crosses over from not existing to existing, then how can it turn around an defeat the realm/source that it was born from.

So which one is it?
A. Does it make you mad that this makes total since as opposed to the "blind faith based" information that you've been taught and believed in for most of your life.
B. Do you like thinking that evil could one day defeat God/good
C. Perhaps the complexion of the messenger of this message doesn't quite meet your standards. 
D. Or does it bother you more that someone else, younger than you, is making you question your beliefs.
E. All of the above 

I'll end this section by saying these 3 things:
-The only thing constant is change
-Unanimously ever elder who loved this info just so happen to be super rich (R. Simmons- rich in all areas of life). Millionaires who spend their days doing what they want, when they want with no financial, mental, or physical restrain what so ever. The haters, lets just say, they don't lol. And that is and always has been my fuel to keep on going.

-In life we're constantly being dealt sets of cards. Don't worry and complain about the Ace that you don't currently have. Play your hand.

-My way is simple. I just think of what I want, meditate on it, and with a bit of patience and 0 physical effort, soon its staring in the face. Usually for free, if that's how I see it. Which seems to be the best way lol. 
Like Kanye said, when you try hard is when you die hard

-If your argument is "My Pastor taught me" or "I was raised to believe", NEGATIVE! I deal with facts. At one point you didn't exist, and now you do. There was a line that was crossed. And I'm speaking the simplest, easiest, and most solid way seeing things. When you have something that just makes since, there's no guessing or debating about it. 1+1=2!

-Patients is the only control vessel when it comes to wanting something obsessively.

-“Thoughts become things” isn't something new. It may be new to you but it's been around forever. But it’s like if I went to a village in Africa and began to explain the internet to them. I can’t physically show them the internet. So they’d just look at me the way you are now. I can tell them how to get a cell phone or computer, and how to find some wifi so they can experience the internet for themselves, but you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him think. The same way those villagers would look at me, kind of like I'm crazy, that's how most people look at me when I say thoughts become things. “Thoughts becoming things”, is just like the internet to the villagers, it’s real although you can’t see or touch it. And it’s not just a major part of every second of our lives. It’s literally shaping your future like play-doh. The greats have known about it since the beginning. The successful have hinted at it everywhere they could. Songs, books, Television/movies. But it's such a radical idea that people avoid voicing is directly do to critics, scrutiny from their peers and followers, an fear of what the public eye with think about what they're saying. Not me. I was born not caring what the world had to say or think about me. I care in a way that I don’t want to be disrespected, and who does, but that feeling quickly shifts to my energy profits. Energy is like money to me. Just give it to me. I’ll decide weather it’s positive or negative by how I take it in. So expect me to bring you the real!!!

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