This is perhaps one of the most common questions people ask me. Most don't like the answer initially, but it's simultaneously the most solid answer they've ever had to hold onto.

If you look at this picture below you will see the source of all creation, God (or the Universe) on the left. The black represents the non-existance from which all things that exist are created from and die to. 

Everything that exist, even good and evil only exist on the right side of the picture. If it were on the left, it wouldn't exist and we wouldn't be talking about it. A man like Hitler plants a seed in his mind and the universe to do something evil. He then waters the seed with his confidence that he is not only in the perfect position to execute his plan, but that he is absolutely positive that it will happen. Hitler has just followed the rules that apply to us all like gravity. Plant the seed, water it with emotion/confident thoughts, and watch it grow into existence. Plain and simple. Manifesting is the power to bring any situation into existence. Good and evil are perceptions. Judgement calls that we make AFTER things are already put into place. 

True story:
A man named Hitler knows he's a leader and will move up through the ranks. And he does using the collective energy of himself and the people around him. As he moves through the ranks, him and his success is on the minds of all that know of him. Not only does he have his confidence level working for him, he as all his followers thinking about his success as well. Thats a lot of thoughts from more and more people being sent out to the universe about this mans success. After he finally gets the high ranking position the words spreads about how evil he is and what he could do. Thousands of people are now worried about this monster. 60,000 thoughts a day per person all about this man making peoples lives a living hell. Whether it be his future victims, or allies, there all thinking the same thing. "He's gonna cause havoc". His army, plus the rest of the world watching.... Thats a lot of freaking energy. And everyone is manifesting the same thing. This man causing havoc. Whether you focus on having debt or not having debt, your focus is on debt, and it will grow in your life. The same applies to everything. Add collective energy to that and you got a crazy combination that could be used for good or evil. 

It is pretty obvious that the current world leaders are pretty evil people. They're trillionaires that only care about the next dollar and taking it by any means necessary while holding all the cards. How are they getting away with this? How many millionaire assholes do you know about. Assholes that don't give a shit about anything but themselves. Yet there awarded with life's riches, while you know good people who are living pay check to paycheck and probably will be till they die. I've done extensive studies and I have groups of people researching the answers to questions like this and the only answer out there is centered around my philosophy but no one's gone this deep. 

The point is.... There's no moral code in manifesting obviously. At one point manifesting a slave into your life was considered not only right, but a trend in the United States. You weren't cool unless you had one (smh). And is now thought to be wrong. Only God can judge? That's funny cause you and I do it every day. If what you think your doing is wrong, you'll be treated accordingly with your manifestations. But if you feel like it's right, you'll be rewarded with more. 

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