If you can try to think of energy as currency. If you're in the US it'll be dollars. There are an average of 60,000 thoughts per day per person. There's 86,400 seconds in a day which means there are around 1.4 thoughts per second. But to use round numbers and keep this simple lets just say 1 thought  per second. 

God gives you attention. If you're ever in a room by yourself and it feels kind of like your being watched, thats God. Have you ever been in an empty room and done something foolish and looked around to see if anyone was looking knowing your in that room alone. Well that's the feeling. Anyways, God is watching you at all times. In order for him to be watching you he has to be giving you his attention or his energy. So lets just say that for every second that God is watching you and giving you attention/energy, he is giving you 1 attention/energy dollar. Then you would be given 60,000 energy dollars a day to spend or transfer onto whatever you choose. How do you spend these energy/attention dollars? The same way God does. Giving attention to happiness will give you more happiness. Giving your attention to Stress or stressful situations will give you more stress. You get what you paid for. If someone tells you a their horrible divorce story and you find yourself later that day running yourself in the same scenarios, every second you spend in that scenario is like placing an order with the universe and paying for it. Though 1 energy dollar spent, on that scenario, may just be planting a seed in the universe, continuous watering of that seed, with energy/attention dollars, will soon spawn that problem for life. Misery does love company. But so does success. 

Sometimes your thoughts can get away from you. Especially in stressful times. You'll find yourself repeatedly running the same horrible scenarios over and over again. Be the watchman at the gate. Your mind is your property. The seemingly random thoughts will try to enter and will if you let them. But if you stop them at the gate, your one step ahead of the game. It is tedious work. And your not going to be able to catch all the negative thoughts coming in. But catching as many as possible gets easier and easier because it causes it to happen less frequently. Especially if you catch each negative scenario, and play them out with the ending you want. Once again, tedious work. But the bible says that controlling ones thought will forever be the hardest occupation a man can have. But it's not impossible. The brain is a muscle and has muscle memory. The seemingly random thoughts you experience are not random at all. The subconscious will throw the thoughts at you that it's use to throwing. So proactively changing what your use to thinking about is, although a lot easier said than done, it's very possible. And very important. That fact is supposedly unknown to over 96% of the world. That 96%+ category of people are labeled as "mentally torturing themselves for more that 51% of their day. 

Out of 60,000 energy dollars each day, what percent are you spending on positivity vs negativity. There's an easy answer. Look around you. What situations are what percent positive, and what situations are what percent negative. Yesterdays thoughts create todays reality. 
1. Don't look at the shitty aspects of your life and say "I'm not thinking about that all day long". Cause you know you are!
2. Don't look at the successful parts of your life and say that you got lucky. There's no such thing as luck. You did that. You planted and watered the seed with full faith, and God delivered just like he always will. Keep expecting to win. You'll always get what you truly expect to get deep down inside. Otherwise things wouldn't make since. 

Ninety something percent of small businesses fail within the first year. And if you talk to the owners they'll all say that from day 1 till business close they spent more than 51% of their time worried or questioning. Now ask a successful business owner the same question and see what happens. There is no such think as coincidence. The numbers add up perfectly.

Energy Dollars