Point blank you have to be ready to die for it and don't let anyone or anything stand in your way. Not your wife, your kids, and most importantly yourself. You have to know that it's going to work out and that your willing to die trying. And God (or the Universe) doesn't want you to actually die for it. He just wants to know that you are willing to, and that you believe in your success that much. Once you've convinced him of that, your dream will come swiftly and painlessly. You can tell the person next to you that you are completely confident that your plan will work out or your business will succeed and still have doubt. But you can't fool God. No matter how good of an actor you are you cannot trick God. Some people can even trick themselves into believing something but not God. God is the universe and everything in it. He knows every single thought you've ever had inside and out. All of your assessments about every situation and every person you've ever thought about. He knows. So when your trying to convince yourself, God, and the people around you that your confident in your success, God knows the truth. God has his own formulated opinion about how far you will go for that dream. And your not getting your dream until he is fully convinced that you're willing to die for it. Your in it for the long haul. Not that your going to give up on it like most dreams people have. Or shut down shop to cut your losses. Cause lets face it, thats what usually happens. People concentrate on back up plans and closing down shop for weeks before they actually close their business. Then when they have to actually close their business, there mad and wondering why. You weren't ready to fight for this till your death. Obviously! You've already given up on that dream. So like I said, you can't trick God by saying i'll die for this.

A thought is just the words we use to describe our emotions. So in actuality, the emotion is what is being sent out to the universe every time we have a thought. And emotions are complex. There full of good and bad vibes that are based on, not some, but all of our past experiences. God speaks emotions. When someone ask you how you feel about a specific person and you say "I like them", there are literally millions of levels of what you like and dislike about that person. Experiences you've shared with them both good and bad make you draw conclusions about them and assumptions about possible future experiences involving them. Your true full thoughts on this person cannot be properly summed up with words but easily summed up with emotion which is a language that can only be fully received by God. He knows, in full detail, every emotion you've ever thought about this person and how strong each good and bad emotion you've had was. The same goes for a failed business. 

Think of it like this: As God or The Universe you could see and feel John Doe's every thought and feeling about his business adventure since he first said I'm going to have my own business when he was 8 years old up until now. And the only way you will approve his success is if you are completely satisfied overall that he wants this so bad that he won't ever give up. He'd die first. Then once your convinced that he's that dedicated, you push the "approve" button and it's done. However, until that point, you cannot hit the approve button. No matter how much he tells you, his family, business partners, himself, and friends that he is 100% convinced it'll work out, you cannot push that approve button until your convinced. Especially since 99.9% of dreams are given up on. Even dreams of getting a pony, as a child, have at least a little weight in our life's failure category. True it's way in the back of our minds but your subconscious factors in every single experience you've ever had and how it made you feel. 

All of the thoughts, and "watering the seed" that you do before getting your dream will either bring that dream closer to you, or push it further away. Patience is one of the biggest test. Negative thoughts or "I'm going to have" thoughts will delay your dream pushing it further away. Circumstances will not stand still. You are either attracting your dream toward you or pushing it away (doubt), no in between. When time is passing you by and your wondering "why is this not working yet? Am I doing something wrong?" your dream seems more and more unobtainable. And that right there is the test. How much can you put yourself through and still hold faith that your going to be successful. Don't ever use the words, "I'm going to", or "I will". Those are failure phrases. If your thinking "I love my success", then God will give you more success so that you will think "I love my success" again. It's the 3rd law of motion (Science), mixed with Mark 11:24 (Biblical). A friend of mine was describing an experience of hers that lasted years. She said "I wanted that to end so bad, every day". Instantly I thought to myself, "thats the key". If all you can think about is "I want that to end", in order for the universe to use the 3rd law of motion you will think that same thought again. And in order for you to think "I want that to end", the pain must still exist. The Universe/God has to keep that pain in your life in order to complete the 3rd law of motion. That is why I do not like the phrases "I'm going to", or "I will". Think about it like this, if your job is to make history repeat itself, and someone says "I'm going to have that Lamborghini one day", you cannot give them that car. If you did, they would not repeat "I'm going to have that Lamborghini one day" would they? They'd be saying "Thank you for the Lamborghini" and that's not history repeating itself. That's a violation of a law as solid as the law of gravity. 

Here's an easy way to see things. When you have a dream you can see it as clear as a picture. Then it's broken up into millions of little puzzle pieces as it's sent out across the universe. Every positive confident thought you have brings a puzzle piece back into its place. Every negative thought takes a puzzle piece away. Add 10 pieces, take away 10 pieces. You could be at this for years at this rate smh. And the bigger the dream, the bigger the puzzle. Once all the pieces are in place, God will know your ready, and you will live that pretty picture. So it's completely up to you. Having a dream (which is a thought) is like planting a seed. Water it with positive thoughts.

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