There are 3 easy steps to follow before going to sleep.
(keep in mind that when I refer to a thought, I'm talking about the feeling that is described by that thought)

1. Go over the days events in your mind (at least the major ones). 
If an event didn't turn out the way that you would have liked then play it out, in your mind, with your preferred ending. I always say that whenever you ask for something the universe will show you, if not prove to you (depending on the size of the wish), that you cannot have it. And it's how you respond emotionally to that proof, that determines whether your going to get it or not, and how fast. So if events didn't go as you wished, thats just a prerequisite to your success. Unless you give up on that dream. 
With every thought, a signal is sent out across the universe. One that will undoubtably come back and be thought again. Every thought is playing a small part in manifesting your future (which is you thinking that thought/feeling again). So if you recap a bad incident but give it a good ending it's not only manifesting good experiences for your future, but what you think about right before bed plays a major influence on what you dream about. And if you get 8 hours of sleep, would you rather have 8 hours of subconsciously focused success or 8 hours of subconsciously focused failure. They say that if you don't remember your dream, that's just one of your bodies defense mechanisms. Self preservation. In other words, the dream was so bad that your body won't let you remember it. How many dreams do you remember daily? That's not the case for all dreams though, just food for thought. 

2. Speaking things into existence.
Tell yourself in a demanding voice that you WILL have a great night's sleep tonight filled with wonderful dreams that you will remember. And in the interest of speaking things into existence, thank God (or the universe) for the beautiful night's sleep you got last night (even if you didn't). Regardless if you did or didn't get a great nights sleep last night, saying that will still send out the that specific emotion that feels like your thanking the man upstairs for a great night's sleep. Thus manifesting an experience that will cause you to say that again. Which is another great nights sleep. It's a cycle. You gotta see it before you do it.

3. Go over the next day's events in your mind. Play them out exactly the way you would like them to go. Send out positive signals across the universe and manifest your tomorrow. Remember while your laying in bed, that tomorrow your speaking aboutonly currently exist in one place. Your mind. Which you have complete Godly control over. So why would you play out any scenario in any other way than successfully.

These steps, in my opinion, yield results in accordance with how balanced you are as far as mind, body, and soul, accompanied with the level of that balance. In other words, you can't be shitty in all 3 and call it balance. A great deal of meditation and soul searching is required. With that will come the other 2. At least that's how it was with me and every other successful person i've studied and read about. 

So I challenge you. At least try step 2. Say it just one time right before you doze off. Even shorten it up a little if you want "I will have a great nights sleep tonight, and remember my dreams. And thank you for the perfect sleep I got last night" (the universe will do whatever it has to do to make you say that "thank you" part again. Which means giving you a great nights sleep tonight. I bet you'll remember at least one dream and it'll be a good one. O, and if you sleep with aches and pains, watch them fade away to. Then you'll be coming back to this page and making all 3 steps a part of your nightly ritual. Thus improving yourself and your overall life. Which will reflect on the people around you.

-YOU JUST HAVE TO REMEMBER TO REMEMBER TO DO THESE RITUALS: That seems to be the hardest part for some reason.

Daily Pre-Sleep Rituals