This one is quite simple to me. Being a writer, I know it's important to be able to write whenever you want. And having "writers block" can be annoying and is counterproductive. So of course me and my claim to fame, "knowing how to solve any problem" I applied my same principals to this and found another winner. Knowing that the writing is coming, it's in abundance, and it's there whenever I need it wasn't enough. That is a completely necessary 50% of the equation but it wasn't enough to cure writers block forever. I had to look into where good ideas come from. 

All of us have either seen someone say or said ourselves "I got that out of nowhere", or "that came to me from nowhere". Science calls that source the Quantum Field, Everyone else calls it God. It's the source from which all things are created. At one point that brilliant idea you have did not exist, and now it does. Whatever you prefer to call it doesn't matter. What matters is that all your good ideas, all the great inventions came from there. And learning to tap into that source at any time was my obsession. Fortunately I had done a lot of research on the Quantum field, etc. which made this easy. Without getting into further detail about my research, I'm just going to tell you the steps to curing writers block or any other block for that matter.

1. Get to a very quiet very dark (preferably pitch black) location.
2. Thank God, out loud, for the great writings that he has given you so far. Really feel the appreciation for the great things you have come up with in the past. There all from him. 
3. Speak, out loud, about what you want to accomplish using Mark 11:24 format. ie. If your experiencing writers block and you want to write about fish you would say, out loud in the dark, "Thank you God for coming to me in the form of my great new writings about fish".
4. Stop everything. Stop thinking. If your mind is wondering, focus completely on feeling every breath as they come in and go out of your body. Clear your mind. Random thoughts will come and go, just clear your mind and go back to breathing. The first thought that comes to you, about your topic, run with it. Brainstorm immediately. I suggest having some sort of recorder with you to speak into. Freestyle whatever comes to mind, and keep and open mind about what your brainstorming about. Let one thing lead to another. Remember, you don't know everything, and something new is what your looking for anyway. So don't shut down ideas cause they might take you out of your comfort zone. Those are usually the best ones.  
5. Be proud of your results. You know they're good. Be proud and happy about your relationship with your creator, and how he gives you what you need when you need it. This step will only produce more of you getting what you want, strengthen your feelings about your relationship with God, and give you confidence that writers block is in your past.

*This comes very easily to me because I've developed an extreme confidence that I am free from writers block forever. I know that I know how to tap into the Quantum Field on command and produce great results. My confidence in my ability to do this is a major part of why I can do it so easily. You will develop this confidence over time. But I suggest you really focus on it, causing it to develop quicker. 

*If you plan on writing 24 hours a day every day I'm not to sure how this system will work for you but that sounds like a recipe for failure. I haven't done research or tried it myself. I write when I want to write. Never force things. Anything you chase will run from you, that's a part of the 3rd law of motion. The body needs balance. Trying to write all day every day for 3 days in a row only stopping to eat, use the bathroom, and sleep isn't healthy and I think would produce mediocre results at best. Be well rested, well fed, and inspired to write. If you don't have the inspiration, simply thank God for giving you the inspiration and it will come. It has to. That's something I do all the time and it works every time. Maybe not at that second, but in Gods time. 

*Once you are inspired and writing the way you want to be, would you be thinking to yourself "Dang, how can I shake this writers block"? NO! You would be thinking the opposite. "Yay, i'm back on my grind and creating art. Thank you God". You have to see it before you do it. I always say that if you want to smile when you think about your spouse, you have to first smile when you think about your spouse. Focusing on writers block will ONLY produce more writers block. The same goes for success!

*Enjoy it! Thats what produces the best results.

Curing Writers Block