I was having a conversation with a potential future business partner and they asked me how I saw this whole "Philosophy" thing playing out. 
I said to them:
    "Do you know what this will do for the world. Everyone will start getting what they want? Then they'll keep getting what they want cause they'll know how to get it. You're talking about people curing themselves of illnesses, getting themselves to a way better place financially, dreams coming true, etc. You're talking about a new earth!" (something along those lines lol)

So he says to me "what about your life? How will it change? Take your brother for example (we were talking about college football before this).
So I said:
"I'll of course buy him a house on campus. He's gonna need security everywhere he goes, riding in limo's, etc. The stadium where he plays football is going to have to be double checked rigorously. Basically ODU just got rocked. ODU just got hit with me and J. The whole campus and the way things go around there are about to change.
I stopped for a second and was stuck deep in thought. Then I said:
"That reality over there (referring to the scenario I just ran), that reality that I've never really thought of or pictured before… I'm now a part of that. Everything I want I just see it as though it's already done and keep seeing it that way until it's physically in front of me (3rd law of motion / Mark 11:24 / you have to see it before you do it). If that really is my future, then I need to water that seed for 1. For 2… I just started something! If thoughts become things I need to see my whole (future) life and every aspect of it daily. Not just the vacations, big boy toys, etc. Everything! Which especially includes my family. We're very close. This conversation was a real eye opener. 

I always say try to envision a homeless persons thought patterns displayed on a heartbeat monitor. His overall disposition is depressing. He knows he'll be homeless tomorrow just like today and yesterday. He'd bet money on it if he had any. In life you get what you truly expect. So his pattern would be pretty much stagnant with very few small bumps. If he stopped for a few seconds and imagined himself financially stable with a family and a home the feeling he would get would produce a huge rift in that stagnant line. And since the thoughts creating that line are shaping his future he now has put a major rift in what the Universe/God is creating for him. Of course he would have to spend a lot of time focusing one that (watering the seed), and act on the signs the universe gives him to actually make that dream come true, But none the less he has definitely started something. Sadly enough he'll probably assume that that would never happen or he's too late for that, and not properly water that seed. And we all know what happens when you don't water a seed whether it be a seed in the ground or a seed in a womb. 

Think about it:
If you're the grand creator and you're looking down on this homeless person thinking: "I'll give you what you truly expect" (which is largely based off of the things you think about the most). "I'm sad that you focus on what you do, but I must give you what you truly expect." As you look down at your homeless person you pretty much know what kind of world you're going to create around him. The same depressing deprived world you've been creating for him because his messed up situation is all he can think about. So you're use to dishing out the same things to him. You get into a grove of dishing out the same things to him. Then all of a sudden, Boom! Out of all the depressing thoughts you're use to collecting from him to create his future you get hit with this beautiful love filled thought. It can't be ignored. All the thoughts get collected and majority wins good or bad. The majority is still bad but that rift cannot be ignored. Maybe he finds a $5 on the floor, or maybe he runs into a old friend from high school who offers him a job. It's the actions he takes or neglects that determines the next steps in his life. That little bit of good fortune can be appreciated and lead to more bigger and better good fortunes or overlooked by all the bad around him. What you see and your current situation is a result of your previous thoughts. If you want to see the future, look behind your eye lids.

Back to my convo with the investor:
The biggest thing I took from that conversation was the fact that I wasn't seeing that part of my future. I meditate (more like proactive manifesting) on several other parts of my future and after those dreams get realized I just create and realize more. But now that I have seen it (aka planted the seed) I'm now a part of it. It has been created and is slowly creeping it's way toward me (in accordance with the Laws of Attraction by use of the 3rd Law of Motion). I just depends on how much/often and the quality I water that seed with. So if you're shaping your future shape the entire thing. Down time, in-between time, good times, etc. Run every scenario with no question. Kind of like if you received a photo in the mail from a future you (your future in a frame). Believe it with no plan B. If it had already happened would there be a plan B. Nope! You have to see it before you do it.

Create new paths. Really becoming a part of it and knowing it's now a part of you helps tremendously when you're watering your seeds. 
What seeds have you been watering lately?

Plant more seeds!!

Create New Paths