I have this tattoo directly to the left of where my watch is on my left hand. Every time I check my watch to see what time it is I will be reminded of my infinite power, infinite money, infinite energy, and also reminded to choose a few blessing to Thank God for real quick.

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Regardless of your race, religion, or belief system we all can at least agree that staying positive is the best way to be.
During your normal day to day activities how often do you get a chance to really stop and appreciate the things you have. Your health, your kid's health, life, even the air around you. For most people it's not that often. And if they do remember to stop and "smell the roses" it's for an average of 2 to 4 seconds before something pulls their attention away or another seemingly random thought pops into their mind. The act of counting ones blessings randomly throughout the day is even harder for people who feel sad and trapped in their situations. A person with $20 to their name will almost never stop, throughout the day, and thank God (or whoever he/she prays to) for the little bit of money they do have. The same can be applied to anything else, house falling apart, health issues, etc. It's just not human nature to be thankful for something your not satisfied with. And it's also not in human nature to pull yourself out of your daily activities to "stop and smell the roses".  home

Recognizing this, and knowing that
1. Thoughts become things, and 
2. Counting your blessings will only produce more of those types of blessings
I became obsessed with using these tools as often as possible to better my days and overall life. Think about it, if you have the tools to make your life better dramatically, no matter who you are, you should be willing to put in the work to get that better life. Science and religion both agree that controlling ones thoughts is and will always be the hardest occupation known to man. So the work is tough and at times extremely annoying (when the negative thoughts just keep pouring in), but the payout is well worth it. Financial stability, life balance (mind, body, and soul), good health, etc. 

So in a normal day where one activity seems to just lead to another, including boredom and quiet times when your mind is just wondering, how are we to remember to remember to count our blessings. I call them "reminders" or "signs". For me personally I use the number 42. 42 has played a major role in my life. It was my Dad's football number in high school, which prompted it to be mine and my brother's football number. On a more popular note it's the apartment number on the legendary Comedy show "Martin", It's the major freeway that I have to drive on daily since I was 17, and more recently it's the name to the new movie honoring Jackie Robinson. And the list goes on. That number seems to follow me a lot. Earlier this year I noticed that every time I looked at my watch the minutes read "42". And the more I said that to people, the more it happened. So I took advantage of it. On the occasions that I looked at my watch and the minutes were on 42, I would choose a few blessings and thank God for them. But that wasn't enough. 
If thanking God for my financial situation provided me with more reasons to thank God for my financial situation then I absolutely need to do this as often as possible. So through some trial and error I currently have a preset text message being sent to myself every 2 hours that has a small list of blessings that I want to manifest into my future the most. And it has it's own ringtone so I don't need to open the phone to do my mental exercises. Trust me this works!!! Some people call me lucky. I don't believe in luck, so I show my appreciation to them, for this semi-compliment, by saying "Well that just means I'm good at getting lucky lol" (haters keep hating lol). COUNTING YOUR BLESSINGs WORKS!!!

But that wasn't enough! Seeing instant results and having 100% success ratio, I knew I had to do more. Who wouldn't? I wanted their to be a constant reminder, in my face, to count my blessings as often as possible. I'm not recommending that everyone do this but I got a tattoo. This is my second tattoo. My first was in May of 2004. I cannot put something on my body unless I let it marinate in my head for a few months. And It has to have a meaning.

Tattoo's meaning:
Since I started on this spiritual journey I've put special emphasis on the word "unlimited" (Click here to see why that word/thought process is so important). Well... whether you talk about having debt or not having debt you're giving your attention to debt and debt will grow in your life. And every time I said the word "unlimited" the word "limited" stuck out a little to much so I need a better word. So the word infinite became a major part of my life. And the symbol for Infinite looks like an 8 which is the answer to 4 x 2 ;-)   So I have a 3 dimensional infinite symbol, with energy waves on the sides, and the dollar sign ends on it. This pic is a rough draft of the finished product. And I threw in the number 42. 
-rough sketch up on iPad brushes app-

Count Your Blessings