Very important!!! Confidence is Key.

Do I think I’m the best in the world at what I do?

Hell yea I think I’m the best in the world at what I do. It’s not about arrogance! Everything I do, I try to do a better job than anyone on the planet could do, whether it be cooking, writing, or whatever. Stop and think about it for a second. In order to do something better than anyone on the planet you have to vigorously critique yourself making every detail perfect. You’ll have to try your absolute hardest to pump out the best product you possibly can. Now can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone thought like this. We would be surrounded by the best of everything! 

Everyone has their calling and cooking definitely isn’t mine. So my best wouldn’t cut it at The Ivy, but you wouldn't find me trying to work there. It took me a while to find it but writing is my thing. Minus the grammar and spelling lol. And when I go in, I go HARD! You’ve seen my pages

WS told me a story about laying bricks, in philly, when he was younger and encouraged me to read “The Alchemist”. Every since then I’ve laid every brick, in my life, as carefully and as perfectly as I could. And every single thing that I’ve approached with that mentality has changed dramatically for the better. It keeps you in the moment and gives you an uncanny deep rooted level of pride in your work. 

That true, deep rooted, unshakable confidence is in short demand these days. Most conceited people hate themselves on the inside. And songs like Lil Wayne’s “How to Love”, and  “Runaway” by J. Cole were awe-inspired of the modern day female’s insecurities. 

Overall we as people need more confidence in ourselves. What better way to get it then to do a better job at everything we do. Pour pure pride into your work. No bad can come out of this. It’s what you call “A Win Win Situation”.
*Let me tell you about most of the chicken we're being served these days. 
1. The chicken goes from birth to full grown in just 6 days.
2. The chemicals used in the chickens causes them to have no beaks or feet.
3. Picture the PO Box slots at the post office. Now imagine each one has a hole in it used like the medieval torture device called "pillory stock". 
Now imagine your beakless feetless chicken put in that device, in mail slots for 6 days, while being injected with God knows what. Then it's cut up, inject it with more, and sold to us every way from fried to frozen.

All of this is due to greed. The CEO's that care more about their profits then they do anything else. It takes a sick person to do some of the things they do to earn a buck. But if these companies wanted to be the overall best at what they do they would have to take everything into consideration. Their customers health should be 1st. You would think that they would want to keep the customers alive but their research teams have that covered. Plain and simply put they don't need to keep customers alive. Not as long as there are more people being born. 40 years of pumped up meats then a person dies from it, how many more customers have they gotten in that 40 years. Like I said, it takes a pretty sick person to do that to the animals, but these vultures don't care in the slightest what it's doing to us people. A person who strides for the best couldn't let this happen. Being the best means being the best overall. Not just in the financial department. Plus I'm pretty sure a healthy organically grown chicken has to taste better then the "6 day bird" does.
These companies are putting their customers health almost last (only second to last to the chicken's health). And it's just excepted by the world leaders. BECAUSE IT IS THE WORLD LEADERS. And don't act ignorant and say "I wonder where he's talking about. What companies?" You passed at least 2 or 3 on the road today. They're not looking out for you. So look out for yourself. 

*Side note: Isn't it funny how it's a lot more expensive to eat healthier. There's no such thing as coincidence!