Every single thought you have, every single thing you say, God says "your wish is my command".

"I hate my life"- your wish is my command

"My boss is an asshole" - your wish is my command

"My spouse is no good" - your wish is my command

"My car is a piece of shit" - your wish is my command

"I'm struggling financially" - your wish is my command

"The bills keep piling up" - your wish is my command

"I cant handle this" - your wish is my command

"I love my life" (aka LML) - your wish is my command

"I'm so proud of you" - your wish is my command

"Look what i've accomplished" - your wish is my command

"I am a winner" - your wish is my command

"Money comes to me easily and effortlessly from many unlimited sources" - your wish is my command

Now..... what are you thinking about the most. cause that is literally creating your tomorrow. If u don't believe me look around you. what you're seeing is a result of your past thoughts. 

The brain is a muscle. and using muscle memory u can change what the brain is use to thinking about into more positivity. and change your life accordingly. Watch what you say, and watch what you spend time thinking about. true positive thoughts are 10 times more powerful than negative thoughts, but the negative seem to occupy more time on our minds (i.e. worrying). And speaking is way more powerful that thinking. Keep this in mind, not just today, forever. And teach your kids. 
And stay discipline to key words. Will, soon, gonna, and words pertaining to the future are poison. Saying to yourself and God "I'm gonna get that job someday" is no good. In order for God to properly answer that prayer and make you repeat "i'm gonna get that job someday" he cannot give you the job. If he did you would be saying "Thank you for the job". That opposes the 3rd law of motion and thats not what you ordered from the "catalog of the universe". You ordered whatever experience necessary that would lead you to say "I'm gonna get that job someday". Which is not having the job. 

And remember, there's no wanting involved if it's already in your hands. See it as though it's already there

-The universe is always working with you, never against you. It's up to you to determine what it's working on. i.e. "I'm gonna (insert your hopes)." In order for the universe to get you to mirror (3rd law of motion) the thought "I'm gonna (insert your hopes)." it has to keep that wish from you, right? The universe is always working with you, for you. So watch what your focusing on. Chose your thoughts and how you word them wisely. 

-Bowing to your knees and praying is good and all but phrases like "please help me" and "why haven't I" only produces more nights of bowing down and saying/praying "please help me" and "why haven't I". Choose your words carefully!

-“Thoughts become things” isn't something new. It may be new to you but it's been around forever. But it’s like if I went to a village in Africa and began to explain the internet to them. I can’t physically show them the internet. So they’d just look at me the way you are now. I can tell them how to get a cell phone or computer, and how to find some wifi so they can experience the internet for themselves, but you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him think. The same way those villagers would look at me, kind of like I'm crazy, that's how most people look at me when I say thoughts become things. “Thoughts becoming things”, is just like the internet to the villagers, it’s real although you can’t see or touch it. And it’s not just a major part of every second of our lives. It’s literally shaping your future like play-doh. The greats have known about it since the beginning. The successful have hinted at it everywhere they could. Songs, books, Television/movies. But it's such a radical idea that people avoid voicing is directly do to critics, scrutiny from their peers and followers, an fear of what the public eye with think about what they're saying. Not me. I was born not caring what the world had to say or think about me. I care in a way that I don’t want to be disrespected, and who does, but that feeling quickly shifts to my energy profits. Energy is like money to me. Just give it to me. I’ll decide weather it’s positive or negative by how I take it in. So expect me to bring you the real!!!

Choose Your Words Carefully