Mark 11:24. Whatever you ask for in prayer, see that it is already yours and it will be.

There's a few things to remember though, especially with Body healing

1. It's A LOT easier said then done. 
Why? I know how to get what I want. Simply put, I have to imagine that I already have it, and do that as often as possible to make it a reality. Everyone uses it every day (mostly for bad without knowing), but I've made it my life's work to master and I'm pretty good at it. So to cure physical pain all I have to do is imagine myself walking around with no pain. Pure perfection like I did before I got hurt. I know 100% that that's exactly how to get what I want. But as I'm typing this I cannot think of the last time I've actually done that. With life flying by at seemingly 100mph keeping me busy, the thought do that exercise hasn't crossed my mind. When I'm actually experiencing physical pain or even when I'm not, I'm just not thinking about it. When I'm in pain it's kinda hard for me think to myself "I feel great, thank you God". And when I'm not in pain, I'm not thinking about the pain that I am lacking. That's why I can't remember when is the last time I've done this exercise. Life goes on, and you forget that this particular exercise even exist. But I don't dare forget about my exercises for winning, or choosing my words carefully. Physical pain haunts me more than anything else in my life right now and I know how to fix it, yet I don't. These are the types of situations about life, and the systems design, that drive me to do my research and find ways to make things better, or make life easier. We first have to remember to remember what needs to be done to live the life we want. 

2. It takes time.
There is absolutely no better way to test someones dedication and faith then to make them wait. To whom much is given, much is tested (the test of time).
MANIFESTING THINGS TAKES TIME!!... SOMETIMES HOURS AND SOMETIMES YEARS WORTH OF WATERING THAT SEED (with positive thoughts)! I know that nobody wants to hear that but whether you like it or not that's the game your engaged in and will be for the rest of your life. So learn some patients. And learn to have faith no matter how long you have been waiting. Besides, you only have 2 choices. Know that you'll get it, or know what it will always be just a dream. The choice is yours.

3. It's a lot harder to stay positive when the you're in pain.
If you ever try to meditate when your in physical pain you'll notice that it's a pain. When you're in physical pain there seems to be a constant flow of negative thoughts running through your mind no matter how perfect your life is. The negative thoughts  just keep coming and there annoying as hell. I still haven't found a way around this one

4. Try not to mention the pain when doing this exercise. 
"The study of poverty breeds poverty." "Whether you focus on debt or not having debt, your focus is on debt and it will grow in life." So mentioning pain in this exercise would seem to be counter productive. And remember, stay away from words like can, will, soon, etc. Try saying something along the lines of "Thank you God for perfect health" or something as simple as "I feel great". Speaking things into existence works for any experiences you want to manifest into your life. Even the experience of walking around without pain. 

Body Healing