I struggled with this one for a while. Preachers and people who are heavy into church would not even entertain my philosophy. I have a Preacher in my family and a family member who is also my best friend, both were in the beginning close minded about my studies. At one point it was referred to as witchcraft or dark magic lol smh. I really couldn't understand. In the end, all I was asking was for people to think positive thoughts. Is that so wrong? Is that not in agreement with the Bible? But it took a Minister's actions to make me realize why I was not being so well received by certain audiences. In this philosophy I (and you) will have a firm understanding of what God is and heavily religious people seem to hate that. They literally think its Blasphemy. But that's why I simplify it. Breaking things down to the simplest form, everything that exist at one point did not exist. Therefore everything that exist was born from the realm of the non existing and will return back to it eventually. That realm of non existence is called the Quantum Field according to Science. Religion calls it God. Even a sound has a birth and a death. It's born from God and returns to him. Once there was nothing but darkness. Then God said "let there be light" creating an opposite to that darkness, and since light exist, he was also creating an opposition to the non existence realm (that cannot be described because there is nothing there to describe hence the name non existence lol). Since that first form of duality was created many others followed. Everything that exist has an opposite. Male female, top bottom, etc. If something exist, the possibility for it to one day not exist is, in itself, its opposition. So im not saying that I hacked Gods computer and I now know his credit score smh. All i'm saying is open your eyes. What we know now is not the ultimate farthest we can know as humans. That's crazy talk. I myself am discovering things daily, let alone the rest of the people on the planet. None of this is Blasphemy. It just makes since.