Q. How am I supposed to appreciate my bucket and expect to get a Lamborghini out of it? My car lets me down constantly. It's appearance, it's reliability, just the thought of it makes me upset. 

The Lamborghini that you own and enjoy only exist at this moment in your mind. So when it's time to go to work in the morning, which car would you prefer to have. The one that only exist in you imagination, or the one thats been getting you to work. That car you're bitching about makes you happy on so many different levels but rarely gets the credit it deserves. I've had buckets before. I've preyed to God just to get me to my destination without my car breaking down. Most of us have. *Side note: when your talking to your car saying "come on baby work for me" your talking to God. That car and everything else around you is made of energy. Pure God/Universe. Anyway, I've been in that situation so many times it's unreal. But now that I think back, I can count on two hand how many times i've actually said thank you when I do arrive at my destination without a break down. I'd be so caught up in what I'm doing next that I would just park and get out. I constantly had buckets from my senior year in high school until my daughter was born. Thats over 1,000 days that my cars got me from place to place. I went through 3 cars so I had at least 3 break downs, but that fails in comparison to the amount of days that those cars worked for me religiously regardless of how much I doubted them. I had one car that overheated on me every time I drove it for a whole summer. But once I put water in the radiator, it got me to point B. So although your car may not look up to your standards on the inside or outside, or you're constantly worried about it breaking down remember this while driving. It's not broken down, you're driving it. It's doing it's job. You running scenarios of how it's going to break down and when it's going to break down is just manifesting and attracting a break down to you (Mark 11:24). It's completely counter productive. 

Also remember that the only thing on the mind of a shark is eat. You wanting better is just the God in you expressing itself. It's not only natural but it gives you something to do, look forward to, and reach for. Plus it's never going to stop so just deal with it. When I have something and I want the upgraded version of it soo bad that i'm pissed off wondering why I don't have it yet, I just remind myself that that's the God in me. And that my current situation is exactly where it needs to be right now. "Everything is perfect." 

Plus, lets say that you're really in love with your car. And every day you say to God/The Universe "I love this car, it's the best car ever, Thank you so much!" The emotion felt is being sent out throughout the universe. The 3rd Law of motion demands that the action of that emotion being sent out must have an opposite and equal reaction. Which means that feeling (understood by us as thoughts) must come back to you to be felt again. So lets say you're in love with your red Mercedes. In order for the universe to get you to think/feel that same exact emotion again it cannot give you the same car. If you have a red Mercedes you will be ecstatic. Getting a second red Mercedes will make you happy, but the 3rd law of motion demands an equal reaction. The only way for you to feel that same excitement would be for a better car, by your standards, to be given to you. So appreciate your car regardless. And watch your situation improve.

Now go outside and look at your car (or any other object you have). There are a millions of other cars in the world, some seemingly better than the one your looking at. But if its a bucket Toyota, then it's the biggest baddest and most important Toyota on the planet. At least to you it should be. Who else matters. If a famous millionaire knocked on your door right now and said "I'll trade you my brand new Mercedes for your Toyota. The Mercedes is parked in India at my vacation home. And I'll be taking the toyota now." You're going to pause and think about it. That bucket Toyota suddenly means more to you, than the Mercedes, because it's there. You can see it, and touch it, it's yours. Sure the Mercedes sounds nice and runs better but it may as well be on another planet and you got work in the morning and stuff to do. And if he said "it's a no brainer, I'm taking the toyota now, here are the keys to the Mercedes" as he's ordering his people to put it on a flatbed tow truck, your going to fight for it. The same goes for the shirt your wearing. It may seem like a regular shirt but it's so much more. If you were standing in the supermarket or in public and God said "ok, that $90.00 shirt you want is now yours. It's still at the store but it's yours to pick up. But you have to give me the shirt off your back right here in the middle of this store." You'll suddenly realize how important the shirt your wearing is. At that moment it's the most important shirt on the planet. The most important shirt that ever existed. Hold on to that since of pride. Remember to remember it as often as possible with as many things as possible every day. Because thinking "this is the best and most important ___________ on the planet" will make the things you have, transform into something better. You can have 50 cars, but you can only drive one at a time. And the one your driving in is the most important car on the planet. If it were to disappear from up under you while you're driving on the highway, you'd eat concrete and die. So yea, that seems pretty important to me.

I know that in order to get better things you have to first appreciate the things you have. And I know that can be hard with run down or broken down things. So I come up with systems like these to help you and me improve the things around us. Nothing I say involves speculation. It's all just a different way of seeing things. That's self improvement. Making lemonade out of lemons is a gift we all have. We just have to remember to remember to do it. With the day to day activities it's hard. Trust me I know. But that's life.

*Same applies to all the toys. Houses, cars, etc.

Appreciating a Bucket