Simply put, I don't believe in actual demons. I actually love this part right here. When I say that to people, everyone instantly jumps out there seats and says, well how do you explain this, and how do you explain that. Their voice gets louder and some people take offense. Some share stories about how demons left there great uncle Henry's body right in front of their eyes as he dropped to the ground. Then after all of their stories I say "are you done?" Then I tell them a story. 

-I know a guy. He use to beat his wife. He was highly religious, and attended church sometimes twice a week. He blamed his domestic abuse on a demon that lived inside him. After his first wife, and some jail time, he went and got the demon exercised right out of his body. He was a changed man. After all the demon was the one making this fine christian man beat the hell out of his wife right? Well he met a girl and fell back into the same pattern but she married him anyway, just as his first wife did. He felt like he was cursed. He wanted to have that demon removed from him again so he could stop abusing his wife. He never took responsibility for his actions. You'd be SHOCKED at the percentage of domestic violence offenders, reported and unreported, think like this.

Now you can disagree with me all you want but this guy didn't have a demon in him that was making him beat his wife. He was simply an asshole. An asshole who seriously believed he could blame his issues on an outside source because his church told him he could. He never looked inside himself to change his problems because he was convinced, by his church, that it wasn't in any way shape or form his fault. His wife, his family, his whole life could have been totally different had he learned to be responsible and accountable for his actions in the first place. If he didn't have a demon as his scapegoat, who's left for him to blame. 

Now here's my question to you reading this. Especially if you've ever been in an abusive relationship. Was that man possessed, or was he an asshole? Who in their right mind would let someone beat your ass, then you accept their apology and give them a hug and feel sympathy because they said that they have a demon in them?...... Exactly, nobody! The Bible refers to inner demons. Being an asshole, being greedy, being too selfish, those are inner demons. Whipping someones ass every time you get pissed off is a personal choice. If having a bad temper is your inner demon and you go whip someones ass, own that shit! Pardon my french but own it! Man up and don't blame somebody or something else. You lost your temper, you put your hands on somebody, you need to fix you! Point blank. 

You can apply this to all other demons that people blame there problems on. Honestly that's annoying to me. Losing sucks. Have you ever noticed that when someone loses a game, weather they verbalize it or not, they can point out the reasons that they lost. And that finger is never pointed inward. But when they win they want to take some if not all the credit. People are always looking for something else to blame besides themselves. That's a nasty habit that we as a planet need to change. And it starts here. One person at a time. 

Usually by the end of that story people are second guessing everything they think they knew about demons but that's good. What you know now is not the end all to your knowledge. You're now thirstier than ever for knowledge and God will bring it to you through many unlimited sources. Except it, embrace it, and keep an open mind.

Like I said for the Devil....
I'm not saying that I know for a fact that there are no actual demons that exist. That would be asinine and put me in a the same category with the rest of the population that swears that they know for a "fact" that there are demons (smh). What I'm saying is that when you use a bit of common since and have an open mind that you don't know everything about everything, the conclusion is that their influence, and more than likely they, do not exist. Every biblical reference to the Devil or demons in my opinion is referring to inner demons and how we can torture ourselves internally (mentally) which will undoubtably manifest more poor situations and more mental torment over and over again.

Angels and Demons