Pay close attention to your thoughts during this. And DON’T DENY THEM. Your thoughts and opinions are who you are. They’re derived from everything you’ve ever experienced in your life.

On a journey to Mars you meet some friendly aliens. You learn a lot about them and exchange stories about your different cultures. When you ask about their religion they take you to a large empty guarded room. In the middle of this room, on a podium, is a book with a spotlight on it. As you approach the book the alien begins to tell you about a bunch of rules that the book tells them to follow. Some of them, in your opinion, don’t make a lot of since. When you look at life on Mars and compare it to what the book is saying you can’t help but ask the alien “Who wrote this”. He gives you a name of an alien that died long ago. So many generations ago that nobody can really account for him. The only piece of evidence that he really existed, is this book. 

Now you’re peaked. The entire populous of the planet Mars follows rules in a book that was written by an ancient alien that for all they know could have been made up. 

So you tell him about Mao Zedong the Chinese dictator that created his own religion. He made it punishable by death to even speak against it. He killed over 80 million people just for speaking their minds. 45 million of those deaths were in just 4 years. 

That situation is extreme but anyone could make up a book and with the right push, from the right leaders, it will stand the test of time. So you ask him “how can you be sure”. He says “I just know”, the alien guarding the book says “faith” proudly. You smile cause it was cute how quickly they answered. But you never got an answer. Faith is hope with extreme confidence. “I just know” is what both teams would say before a football game. Neither one speaks for the outcome. We’ve all lost faith in something at one point in our lives, and both teams cannot win a football game. So like I said, you never got an answer. 

You later found out that the next village over has a similar book that was written by the village leader who decided to tweek and change some things around for the benefit of his people (according to him). 
At this point you throw your hands up and say “wait wait wait wait wait. You got another book, one village over, that’s been changed by their chief and they just follow it whole heartedly without question?” 
Like Moa Zedong without the killing
So what’s this guys name?
-Cheif James the 3rd
O hell no!!! I gotta go. Y’all crazy around here!


An alien visits earth and asks about our religion. We show him the bible and he says “If this was thousands of years ago, how do you know it to be true? Jesus didn’t even write it!” One person says “My pastor told me....” another person says “I was raised to believe”, and another person says “because I just know it to be true.” 

The alien then puts his hands up and say “wait wait wait wait wait....” etc.


*Don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE fan of the bible. The "original bible"! The one that most of the pages were torn from, burned, and replaced by politicians and kings over the years. We as people have a small percentage of the "original bible". But the small percentage that we do have is so powerful and informative that we can decipher the meaning to life and how to play and win at this game. Imagine what the rest of the "original bible" said.

Alien Religions