How do you address God?
This is more of a personal subject. If you tell a lie or hurt someone and you feel deep deep down inside that you need to be punished, you will eventually be punished. The feeling "I need to be punished" no matter how deep it's berried in your mind, will manifest an experience where you're being punished. The universe will always say "your wish is my command". 

If you feel that your disrespecting God to talk to him in a certain way, then don't do it. Feeling disrespected is equal to feeling like you need to be punished. Our whole lives we've been taught that so they go hand in hand. I've know several millionaires, with great and some with piss poor personal lives, that use their normal street slang to talk to God. Profanity and all. So you draw your own conclusion. A man says to God several times a day "Thank you for the best fucking day of my life" with great gratitude, passion, and genuine enthusiasm in his heart, and he is constantly given the best day of his life till the day he died what does that tell you. This same man talked to God like he was his father and best friend. He cursed a lot but never at God. He used profanity to express how passionate he was about whatever idea he was speaking about. It was just a part of his every sentence.

When you personally know people like that it makes you wonder. When you tip toe around your office at work, or around your house as a teen at 2am, your in fear of getting caught or "making waves". Maybe not on the surface but they go hand in hand. You can't have "tip toeing around" without a fear of getting caught. And who wants to be scared when their talking to God. Fear and God cannot occupy the same space. 

When I talk to God I call him "Father" a lot. It just feels better. Like I'm actually talking to my creator in a one on one intimate conversation. Kind of like he took the time out from watching over everybody else just to talk to me. I'm that special! It gives me a since of importance that is unrivaled. Think about it, there's no one else in existence that I'd feel more honored to have a conversation with then my creator/the co-creator of my life. I dream it, he builds it. I'm constantly looking for ways to remind myself, as often as possible during the day, of how close my relationship with God is. I know that with the day to day activities, work, phone calls, etc. things like that can slip your mind. That is so important to me I have alerts set up on my phone to remind me periodically to count my blessings. And the results have been phenomenal! 

So speak to God however you feel comfortable doing it. This is an extremely personal choice, and is set by your standards. Not your pastor's, not your parents. Some religions think that the way we talk to God in America is Blasphemy. Yet their society is severely hurting. To me that says that we're doing something right. You are co-creating your life with God. He uses your thoughts to create your future experiences. What you think once, you will think again. So just speak with confidence, not fear. Use language that is exceptable by YOUR standards. And do what feels right. Try different things. It took me a while before I got it right. I study successful people and try what they did for myself. Some things just felt wrong so I discarded them. And the things that felt right have consistently proven to be productive to my happiness.

Addressing God