My father's, my brother's, and my football numbers were 42

Route 42 is the main freeway that turns into the famous Atlantic City express way that of course leads to Atlantic City.
    That same Route 42 has been a main passageway daily in my life

The Hit show "Martin" with martin lawrence
    -Martin's apartment number was 42
    -In the episode where Martin was holding auditions for a show he made Cole audition and Cole's audition number was 42.

Jackie Robinson's baseball number
    The Jackie Robinson move is call "42"

2 x 4 = 8 which is the symbol for infinity or infinite

I constantly see 42 on license plates, dollar bills, and credit card numbers

-This youtube video popped up, as a suggestion, at the end of an aston martin video I was watching. Of course it stood out to me. Check out the license plate:

-You always see 42 in a license plate.

-The TV show Friends scripted the score of the thanksgiving football game to be 42-21 at the half. (I believe its season 3 episode 11)

-The movie "Armageddon" they stated at one point "Martial law has been issued in 42 countries", and when the bomb was counting down they only used 3 numbers in the countdown. One was over a minute, one was 42 seconds, and the other was when they stopped the bomb. 

-The movie "Hunger Games" her original boyfriend stated that his name had been put in 42 times. 

-2013 Gatorade commercial "One More" featured that star player of a football team wearing the #42. In real organized football (ie. high school football) certain positions can only be certain numbers. The people who score the most, etc. very rarely wear the number #42. 

-Uruguay's World Trade Center has 42 floors. Featured in "The Challenge" Free Agents 2014 TV show

-Red's wicked apple commercial. The guy is wearing a #42 Jersey

-Ford truck commercial states that a F150 is sold every 42 seconds

-Captain America Winter Solder: Toward the end of the movie The Winter Soldier hijacks a plane. On the side of that plane is the number 42