Some of life's questions i do not know the answer to. Not yet ;-) but just like i always say, she wrote that story. Way before she was even born, she wrote that story. Why, we may never know. Everything experience in life exist to be learned from. Maybe it was to make the people in her life stronger, maybe to prepare them for something big, i don't know (Same applies to an infant dying). Maybe the people in her life needed a hard lesson in learning to except things, or appreciate things, like i said, i don't know. but i can tell you this... i know it was meant to be this way. How do i know that, why am i so sure? Because thats how it is. Plain and simple. The reason for it is something we might not ever know so why dwell on it. The little girl is alive and breathing and instead of focusing on that your spending your time asking a pointless question, "Why is she like that?". There's a reason for everything and i can guarantee God didn't send that little girl to us with one arm so her parents can focus on the negative ("Why she gotta be this, and why she gotta do that"). God works in mysterious ways but we as people don't. The only way to get people to learn a lesson is through pain. It could be through watching someone else's pain and learning, or experiencing the pain personally. That's the whole reason you put your kids in time out, and the whole reason prisons exist. Punishment to learn a lesson. Shit happens for a reason... to learn from it. Either learn, or get leaned on harder and harder until you learn. Kanye West said in a song that he got arrested until he got the message. Oprah says that God will whisper in your ear. And if you don't listen he'll hit you over the head with a brick. And if you still don't listen he'll bring the whole brick wall crashing down on you. The greats talk about it and live by it and they are heavily rewarded for it with the thing we all want the most in this life. Financial security. You could be happily married with 2 kids, but if you live in a cardboard box in Jersey during the winter time, life is gonna suck. Keep it real! And i say that because a lot of skeptics will say, after that last sentence, "money isn't everything, you don't need money to be happy". There not being real. If someone starts on that BS tell them to give all there money away. Every penny, and see If they're happy when their wife's looking at them like they're crazy and their kids want to know why they have to eat at a homeless shelter. But back to the question that was asked. Manifesting a cheeseburger into you life effects mostly just you (for example). So lets call that a "one part manifestation". Manifesting a child into your life would effect hundreds, thousands, and maybe even millions of people between their birth and their death. But lets just focus on the close family members. I would love to see the mother face when I ask her how many times in her life did she worry about something being wrong with her child. From the time she even knew she wanted to have a baby until the child was born, what percentage of her thoughts about this child were positive vs negative. Of course she'll get pissed off and want to curse me out almost instantly but lets have another "real" moment. Thoughts become things. Weather you focus on debt, or not having debt, your giving you attention to debt thus creating more debt. Floyd Mayweather -weather you come to see me win, or come to see me lose, your coming to see me. 50 Cent -I need you to hate me, so i can use you for your energy. Mayweather and 50 Cent know that your focus on them, win or lose, will cause them to grow. They know that and use it extensively. The Government says "The study of poverty brings poverty". Now lets switch gears a little, stay with me lol. How many of us watch a movie or TV show and find ourselves running those same scenarios later that night but with us in them. All of us, it's human nature. Some of these scenarios, while being ran, seem so real they raise your body temperature and blood pressure. And some we keep running over and over again. What signal are you sending out to the universe. What are you manifesting into your future. And remember, thoughts are just words that you put together to describe your emotions. So your not sending the thought of a robot alien eating your children, for example, out to the universe to be manifested into your future. Your sending the feeling of hopelessness and failure out to the universe to be returned (3rd law of motion) and felt again. So back to the Mom. The years leading up to the pregnancy where you thinking, why can't I get pregnant, I hate my body, I hate myself, what if somethings wrong with my baby? What movies did you watch. Every single thought you've ever had about this baby plays into the equation. And the same applies to the baby's father, grandparents, siblings, etc. That little girl is not just her mothers manifestation. Her grandparents, brothers, sisters, etc. manifested her into their lives as well. Collective energy is real. Science can prove that already, I don't need to get into things that can be proven already. I already know that most people won't own up to or entertain anything I just said if they were in that scenario. And thats cool. But anyone who can read, and has read my philosophy page, knows that this stuff is good, and it's true. And the reason it's so good is because it applies to all situations. Not all situations except for newborn babies, ALL SITUATIONS period. Every single thing that has ever happened to you in your life you learned a little something from it. And even if you don't believe that thoughts become things, you have to believe that God put that little girl here with one arm for a reason. Learn from it. There's only 2 ways to go, positive or negative. Learn something positive, or don't...*Note to this fictional Mom: And by the way, out of all my teachings, and everything my writings has done for you, me, and everyone else it helps daily thats your question? "Why it gotta be like that" (in my nagging complaining voice). Instead of embracing this new way to greatly reduce your stress level and change your life and the lives of everyone around you and your future generations, the only thing you have to say is "why it gotta be like that". If you've been a pessimist like this your whole life, which you probably have, then there's no wonder the negative has grown to this extent in your life. Thats the seed you've been watering for years. Switch it up! If not for you, do it for your family. Thats what I love about my philosophy, either agree with it and be positive, or stay negative. Let me know how that works out for you. Remember, you cannot except half of this philosophy. It all connects in perfect harmony.‚Äč

Explain a little girl born with 1 arm