Why would you buy a $300 scarf? I could think of better things to spend $300 on. 

Someone very close asked me this question and it opened my eyes to the real reason I did it. I mean, I knew why before lol. But I had never felt it until I answered the question. And this is how I answered.

Lets say I give you $300.00 right now, and you wanted to stretch it. Just to use round numbers we'll say you go get $10 clothes from Walmart. That's 15 $10.00 shirts, and 15 $10.00 pants right? NOPE! Because I know your going to at least spend $100 on food over the next week or so, and BS with your friends. So now your down to $200.00. That 10 shirts and 10 pants right? NOPE! I know you're going to get some shoes. There at the very least $50 a piece (can't have $10.00 shoes lol). So now you have 5 shirts, 5 pants, and 2 pairs of shoes. They're only going to wash once and still hold that fresh color (hopefully smh). So for 10 days total (mix and matching outfits of course) your walking around feeling a small since of pride. Your clothes are fresh and new and your shoes are looking good! And your thinking "I feel good. My presence is clean, this may be Walmart clothes but it's all good. They don't know that. As far as looking new, I'm good for at least the next 10 days. 

Now let me get you that $300.00 scarf instead. Everywhere you go, you're checking on it. You really don't want to spill any food or drink on it, not one drop. Gotta make sure both sides are even because if not, it might fall off onto the dirty floor. People are looking at you like "damn, that scarf stands out". Let me tell you, people may not know Gucci colors off the top of their head but it'll kick in soon. You'd be surprised how many people will be at home chillin and go to the Gucci website to see how much that scarf cost that they saw "that girl" wearing. Then when they find out, they're thinking "DAMN, she had a $300.00 scarf on". You got people giving you energy when your not even thinking about them. Collect that energy like money, trust me. Anyway, besides what other people think your confidence is up. You know for a fact that no matter what people may think or say, your wearing a $300.00 scarf. Basically your feeling like your the bomb, like "Damn, I'M wearing this!" And to top it off your going to wear that scarf every night it's cold until summer, then you'll wear it again all winter next year. So this isn't a 10 day semi happy fling. This is ecstatic happiness/confidence booster that is going to last as long as that scarf is in your possession. Now which one sounds better to you?

Even if you don't believe that thoughts become things (which you should and if you don't you will eventually lol), think about it. Which would make you feel better long term? There's no question. One option (Walmart) last 10 days, if you have great detergent then 20 days max. I'll even give you 30. Time wise that doesn't compare to this winter and next winter. And the quality of life in this is no competition. Feeling "I look good in my new Walmart gear" is nothing compared to "DAMN, I'm rockin a $300.00 scarf". Trust me. I speak from experience. And there's nothing wrong with wearing Walmart clothes a year and 30 wash cycles after you buy them. I do it! I'm talking about getting something NEW. When it's time to pamper yourself a little bit.

And if you are part of the small but growing group that does believe that thoughts become things, think about what feeling your manifesting into your future. Every feeling (thought) you have is sent throughout the Universe and that exact emotion must be sent back to be felt again, it's the 3rd law of motion, it has no choice. So which feeling to you want to feel again in your future?
A. "Yay, I'm wearing a nice thrifty outfit that looks nice and matches well" (while trying to convince yourself that you're truly happy) or 
B. "Yay, I'm wearing some expensive ass clothing an I love it. I feel great". 
Hands down there is ABSOLUTELY NO COMPETITION between the two. 

If you don't have $300.00 to spend on a scarf, I completely understand. But that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about if I was giving a gift to you. And I choose to give you a $300.00 Gucci scarf, think about this page, and these writings, when your thinking to yourself "I can think of better ways that I could have spent that $300.00." NO... Your way seemed better short term. Mine has you feeling on cloud 9 for as long as you don't lose or mess up that scarf. And it guarantees more of that unbelievable feeling that everybody has yearned for every since seeing celebrities or hero's on TV or in magazines (etc.) when we were kids. We've all seen it, and we've all wanted it. Sports heroes, and Entertainer's flashy lifestyles. Well guess what, Birdman is worth over 100 million dollars and manages one of the greatest entertainers of our time (lil Wayne). And he has that same scarf. And wears it in videos to. Now that scarf is around your neck. The stuff he has, is not only available to you, but your wearing it now. You own it. And this may sound harsh but most people at that point, including me, say to themselves deep deep inside (with realization as the tone) "I'm good enough to have this". You were more than good enough to have this before. You just didn't think so. 

*Note: Keep in mind, I'm not going to give a man who can't feed his family a $300.00 scarf. I'm going to feed his family, then give him the scarf. I've been blessed, and I make it my point to bless others. But in Gods time. Not when a bum outside McDonalds asks me for $5 to get a meal, then when I offer to take him inside and buy the meal for him he says "no, I want cash instead". S.M.H.!‚Äč

$300.00 Scarf