You will be partnered with a computer programer to create a planet with functioning societies. The programmer has final say on all decisions because he knows what will work and what will not. When he enters data into the computer it will calculate whether the people on your plant live a month or for generations. For example giving people the ability to shoot lasers from their eyes could cut down the average life expectancy of each being and their race’s existence. 

Day 1:
You’ve heard that your programmer is kinda stubborn. To get a feel for your programmer you ask him if he has any ideas yet. He replies:
-1st off I want the people of this world to have to hurt themselves regularly in order to stay healthy.
-And I want them to take everything for granted no matter what. Let them enjoy their accomplishments for a few moments, but then bring the thirst for “more” back into play shortly after. Make the thirst so strong that they start to resent what they once fought to obtain. 
-O, and the 1st 18 years of their lives make them yearn to be over 18. Then when they finally do turn 18, we’ll make them want to be kids again for the rest of their lives. Even though they'll spend more time as an adult it kinda evens out cause the “being a kid” phase of life get to go first.
-Lets fill their lives with things that they can look at but can’t touch. And other things that they can touch but don’t taste. 

Speaking of taste, lets make all the good for you foods nasty/an acquired taste, and the lets make the food that’s delicious kill them over time.
-Let’s make them all liars and hypocrites. Not habitual liars, just make them lie in the interest of self preservation. Like getting pulled over by the cops and lying to get out of a ticket.

-Speaking of cops, there has to be a chain of command/structure. Lets get the most selfish, arrogant, money/power hungry people on the planet and give them full control over everything. Food, shelter, entertainment, everything! But it has to be people that will never ever truly care about the interest of anyone except themselves. No softies that will see the world crumbling on the news and try to help. We need the people with ice running through their veins. People that deserve it the least, and have done nothing to have earned it. 

-How long before you say to yourself “This guy’s an asshole”?

Jerk and other words just don’t fit perfectly like asshole. He is truly setting up an asshole system and we all know it.

By now you’ve probably already figured out that i’m talking about the system that us humans live in. And I’ll just leave it at this. Everyone reading this (INCLUDING you haters) know that if they had partnered up with a programmer to win $1,000,000 by building the “perfect” world, in your mind you’d be nicknaming his system “The Asshole System”. Deny it all you want, we both know the truth. 

I just wish some people would just except this and move on. We’re in the middle of a game that has rules. Learn them and move on. You’ll be much better off. You’ve never seen Michael Jordan cry and moan, everyday sometimes for hours, mad at the line that marks the “out of bounds”. He recognizes the rules and plays accordingly knowing he’s a winner.

I really do hope this helps some people come to terms with things. I know so many people that just love to complain. Poring their negativity onto their listeners like a waterfall. Selfishly polluting other people’s lives so they can “get it off their chest”. More often than not they end up with more anxiety then when they started talking. But don’t worry, they’ll keep pushing that extra gained negativity onto everyone else in their lives. They got enough hot air to go around SMH. 

I really hope this helps open some eyes!

$1,000,000 Prize